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In the extremely competitive world of Packaged Convenience Foods market, HT Foods is a name to reckon with – be it quality of the products, infrastructure facilities or the manufacturing and marketing expertise.

Based in Cochin, India, HT Foods has carved a name for itself as a reliable and high-quality source for exporting food and sea food to the discerning overseas markets. Strategically located at the Cochin Special Economic Zone (CSEZ) at Kochi, HT Foods has over the years grown to be known as the finest among food exporter in the country. A reputation which is widely concurred by global retail giants and bulk buyers.

The company’s wide range of frozen food include Tiger Prawn, Prawn Gyoza, Prawn Dimsum, Prawn Spring Rolls and more.The real impetus for the company’s growth is provided by the astute management, helmed by industry veterans with a clear focus on maintaining global standards in production, packaging and exporting.


Our Mission isBest in the Business!

"It is with great pleasure I welcome you to the company information section of our website. Take a tour, and drop us a line to let us know what you think. Thanks for stopping in!

As always, at HT Foods it is our pledge to provide you with the finest – be it in our products or the information about our company and services. Our newly set up state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in the Special Economic Zone at Cochin (India) is a testimony to this vision.

The farsightedness and business strategies of our Board of Directors has ensured HT Food’s role in providing food security and economic development of the company through improvements in production, planning, technology and marketing. Our business principles, processes and quality standards were well rewarded by national and international quality control bodies like EU, MPEDA, HACCP and BRC. In keeping pace with the changes in information technology, we also upgrade ourselves to embrace the latest the industry has to offer. All these measures have helped our tremendously in streamlining our production, improving our productivity and surpassing our client expectations time and again.

We wish you have a pleasant experience browsing our website pages. Please get back frequently as we will be regularly updating the site with new features."

H.T. Foods Pvt. Ltd’s policy is to produce and market safe products of consistent quality, meeting specifications and performance of quality levels and expectations of its market.

The company will continue to assess the need of its consumer and set quality standards to meet superiority to major competition at any time.The company will monitor and carefully assess consumer trend and trade complaints in order to minimize their incidence.

The company will control the quality of its products to meet all legal obligations and will play a constructive role in framing regulations that are to the benefit of its customers.

The company will ensure that its quality standards satisfy its advertising claims and pack statements.

The company will educate its employees as to their quality, give responsibility and will equip them with latest techniques in order to carry them out.

The company will monitor the environmental impacts of its products and will evolve procedures to minimize the effluents that may effect environment and the population as well.

The company will provide safe and friendly working atmosphere to its employees and ensure a healthy working environment.

The company will periodically review its effectiveness in meeting quality standards and will continue to explore new methods that will improve its quality benefits/quality control cost ratio.

Our quality initiatives have been rewarded with the following certifications:
E.I.A / EU
Ready-to-cook products

Data monitor found that ready to cook products is another area experiencing strong growth. As consumers increasingly engage in 'top-up' shopping, ready to cook products will remain a strong growth area for forecourt retailers. Again, as the health and wellness trend spirals, there are more and more opportunities for manufacturers to develop fresh-tasting, indulgent ready-made products that are low in fat, salt and convenient. And manufacturers have been responding to this ever-growing demand.

At HT Foods we follow a fool-proof policy to ensure the safety of the food we process and market. Our many regulations and initiatives are aimed at assuring safe food devoid of any safety hazard. None of our food products are touched by human hands while processing or packaging. We also continually upgrade our facilities to keep pace with international food safety policies and processes.